Turina Italian Wines

Paul Turina started getting in touch with his inner Italian a decade ago. Driving Lancias helped scratch that itch. And so did getting a Vespa-based Ape mini-truck, and studying Italian. When he decided to really get back to his Italian roots, that quest soon found him on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy, shaking hands with his cousins.

Paul disccovered that his cousins are the Brescia area’s largest wine producers. Their Gropello, Seselle, Chiaretto and Marzemino are mostly unknown in the States, but they are classics in the Lago di Garda area and award-winning across Italy. And so Paul decided it was time to share his Italian family’s wines with all his friends back in America.

And that Ape mini-truck? That’s now his delivery vehicle. Want to learn more? Just ask him.